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Recommended Reading


The Troubatory

While this site may seem a little underdeveloped on first blush, it has a number of interesting doo-dads and a very comprehensive sub-page on the video game Hades' character of Orpheus! I'd recommend you take a peek, both because of the sub-site and the fact that they're my friend :)

External Sites

Stranger Tides Entertainment

A link to my itch.io page :] I tend to make text-based and terminal-based games. Most use text-input (e.g. Bogatyr, Hunt the Hunt) but TimeWeaver doesn't. I hope to figure out traditional graphics and compiling for apple/linux soon so that folk of all stripes can enjoy my games. In any case, most are tooled for Windows PC! Have fun!


Perfection. Wizards, low-poly 3d virtual chatroom. I cannot understate how hype this makes me feel.

Melon's Lost Empire

Exceptional in all ways! It encompasses a number of functions, each one of which is not only beautiful but fun and interesting, too! From an Emo Text generator to Travel Logs to a World of sub-sites, each click uncovers twelve more new places to go! I can wholeheartedly, without reservation, entirely recommend this site! Go browse it! Now!

Battle For Triangle's Multiversal Travel Machine (And Also Dream Island)

A very long story written by someone whose work deserves to be recognized. The linked work is Part One of Three and spans 30 chapters. The user, GoodDysfunctional, has several other- much shorter works- which are also worth giving a look at. Most of it is based on the concepts of Battle For Dream Island (BFDI), a Total Drama Island-inspired cartoon show online which you can watch here.

Site Construction

The Geocities Gallery

One of several archival projects- the Internet Archive's being another notable one- the Geocities Gallery has an element of authentic organization to it that makes me prefer this to the others. I find it helpful sometimes to look at what other people did to inform my decisions in making my site. There are things to be salvaged! So I urge you to look to Geocity archives for inspiration if you're having trouble finding a look for your site!

HypnOS GIF Archive

While fairly limited as far as GIF libraries go, it features nearly every GIF from the game Hypnospace Outlaw (which I strongly recommend playing). If you want to use some assets from the game or just generally make something emulating HypnoSpace, this is your one-stop shop for GIFs!

Cameron's World

Like the above, Cameron's World is an archive of images and GIFs from Geocities. I do recommend poking through there for images and gifs to pull from- especially if you're trying to emulate that 1990s Chic or can't be bothered to make assets yourself! It has been helpful and fun- and the music is something I just wish I could download.


The Holy Grail of GIFs, GifCities is a searchable library of GIFs for the Internet Archives' Geocities Archival project (whew! That was a lot to say)! While Cameron's World and HypnOS GIF Archive both are hand selected for quality, GifCities can help you find a specific GIF you're looking for that you don't know where else to turn. It also can help you find out about things you didn't even know were out there! My experience discovering Save Our Sailors stands out personally as an example!


Exactly what it says on the tin! It has a lot of textures and are particularly useful for the background of webpages! I'd recommend poking around if you are having a hard time finding the right leather finish you want for a particular landing page!

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